Some of the oldest vineyards and wineries are found on Santorini island and its wines are distinguished among other Greek ones, winning international awards. The most famous wine of Santorini is assyrtiko. The centuries old vines find their best expression in the assyrtiko grape by giving world-class wines. High acidity, intense minerality and citrus flavors, are the key elements creating its complex character, highlighting the land of Santorini in perfect harmony.

Wine needs special care and attention in order to get the most of its taste. As long as wine is kept, served and drunk in the "right" way, it will live up to our expectations.

Firstly, you need a cool storage area lacking in humidity; the temperature should be around 12░ Celsius (air conditioning is not recommended). If there is no wine cellar, another ideal place for storing should be a closet or a dark corner in the house. Bottles must be stored horizontally, so that the cork remains damp for easier opening, while blocking the entrance of oxygen which might alter its content.
BE CAREFUL when moving wines, sudden movements might damage the wine; especially the more sensitive ones!

Primarily, wines must be served with a steady flow, filling up the two-thirds of the glass; the one-third must be left empty so as to enjoy its aroma. Never serve wine chilled as this might alter its taste. White wines should be served at 8░-10░ Celsius (43░-46░ Fahrenheit), whereas red ones at 15░-18░ Celsius (61░-64░ Fahrenheit). One simple rule that professional sommeliers propose, is that the colour of wine match the colour of the dish. In other words, white wines are ideal with white meat, white sauces and fish, while red wines with red meat and red sauces; finally rosÚ can accompany every type of dish.
BE NOTED to avoid vinegar in salads as this might alter the taste of wine and certain cheeses can overpower the taste of a wine. Furthermore, with red wines avoid sweets and fruits (except apples and pears)!

When you visit Greece, make sure to lift up your glass of wine and say
the Greek toast: "Stin igia sas" (i.e. "Cheers!!!").

Santorini Wineries


The Artemis Karamolegos winery is not a newcomer to the wine industry. Grandfather Artemis launched the winery in 1952 and his grandson - who bears the same name - Artemis Karamolegos, continues the tradition, always at the same location, Exo Gonia village of the volcanic and charismatic Santorini island.
The long history of winemaking led to the need of creating a more contemporary and top-quality production. This indeed occurred in 2004, with the production of a great bottled and branded (then OPAP) wine called "SANTORINI".
In primarily stage, the most important took place: part of the old vineyards was renewed with the rebuilding and planting of new vines of Santorini's rare traditional varieties (Aidani, Mavrotragano, Mavrathyro, Voudomato). It was therefore expected that the synchronous confrontation of the work in the vines - the most important part in production - to imposed the need of the creation of a modern winery. Since then, ARTEMIS KARAMOLEGOS WINERY makes the most of the particular microclimate of the island, in combination with its volcanic and limestone soil, "leading" Assyrtico and the other local grape varieties in wine production following the international quality standards.
The winery produces in total 130,000 bottles of wine; in its portfolio nine different wines are included, of which most popular are the P.O.P "Santorini", the P.O.P "Nyctheri", the P.O.P "Vinsanto" and red dry Mavrotragano.
Consequence of such important work done in the vineyards and in winemaking is that the wines of Artemis Karamolegos winery earn great honors in major international wine competitions.

Winery and restaurant in the same space.??
A new concept restaurant with great cuisine, created by Artemis Karamolegos and implemented by Chef Chris Koskinas, combined - harmoniously - with local wine and located in the verdant and atmospheric courtyard of the Artemis Karamolegos Winery.
We invite you to enjoy local and Mediterranean flavours along with award-winning wines of our winery, in an idyllic atmosphere.

The restaurant is open daily from 13:00 till 00:00, on the main road of Messaria-Kamari.