A number of shopping possibilities exist on Santorini, from groceries for day-to-day needs to expensive souvenir shops for items to take back home and fine art galleries.
The island, as a major stop for the number of cruise ships which sail the Mediterranean, offers top-notch jewellery opportunities and other handicraft and art items. Because many of the cruise ship tourists will not be going to mainland Greece, every kind of souvenir found in the country can be found at shops on Santorini.

There is something for everybody and for every budget.
Fira offers the most shops, as the island's capital and most visited town. The narrow streets are crowded with all kinds of souvenir shops, especially jewellery shops and art galleries.
Art enthusiasts may view large and comprehensive collections on the island. Internationally - recognized fine art galleries featuring original works of contemporary emerging local artists and famous fine art masterpiece reproductions from museum collections add to Santorini's vibrant art scene.
Popular art shops are also many in Fira offering copies of famous Akrotiri frescoes, which are a popular, colourful item. Old maps, T-shirts, post cards, elegant ceramics and other memorabilia are also available in these shops.

There are many jewellery shops on Santorini offering various pieces of gold creations, many based on ancient designs. Some jewellery shops also offer silver creations for the more thrifty minded tourists and watches that are well recognized by name.
Local handicrafts and hand-woven embroidery are also popular among visitors to Santorini and are on sale at very good prices at tourist shops.

Fira is not the only place to purchase outstanding souvenir. A number of other villages throughout the island offer equal shopping possibilities with Oia an art lover's paradise, standing out.

Akron Art Centre, Megalohori, on the way to Perissa, Tel.+30 22860 82002,
Babalu, Fira, Tel.+30 22860 23938.
Gorgona, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 25630
Kivotos art gallery, Kamari, Tel. +30 22860 32828
Koukla, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 28326
Mati Art Gallery, Fira, Tel.+30 22860 23814, web site:
Strogili Art, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22247, e-mail:

Mariella Nail Concept, Fira (shopping center Fabrica), Tel. +30 22860 25248

Nicolas, Karterados Shopping Center, Tel.: +30 22860 27003

Ammos, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 32801
Alafouzos Sport, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22491
Fashion Details, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 25248
Lola’s, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 27197
Prime Timers, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 25265


Event, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23959


Babalu, Fira, Tel.+30 22860 23938.
Kivotos, Kamari, Tel.+30 22860 32828


Pensare Casa, Fira, T: +30 22860 24009, web site:,

Nostos, Fira, Tel.+30 22860 22509, e-mail:

Black Velvet, Fira, Tel.+30 22860 24375.

Black Velvet, Fira, Tel.+30 22860 24375.

Big Supermarket, Perissa, Tel. +30 22860 28310, web site:

Zotos Family Pastry (Pastry-Cakes-Weddings), Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22287

Hondos Center, Tel. +30 22860 25555, web site:

Aria, Ia, Tel. +30 22860 71916
Sophia’s, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22628

Island Photos, Ia, Tel. +30 22860 71307, e-mail:
Photo Kamari, Tel. +30 22860 22218
Phototech, Kamari, Tel. +30 22860 31795

Santocatering, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23050, web site:

The Tobacco store, Perissa, Tel. +30 22860 82000


Greece has a history of 3,000 years of manufacturing gold jewellery to perfection. Just go to any archaeological museum in the country and see these creations of the past.
But these unique and skilful handcrafted items are not something of the past, only. Today you can find many pieces of jewellery, both gold and silver, either copied from styles of the past or made to suit modern-day desires.

Greece is one of the few countries, which still make jewellery by hand. And its no wonder that 70% of the jewellery manufactured in Greece is exported, whether by tourists or through direct sales abroad. Santorini offers more than 40 jewellery shops where 80% of the jewellery sold is handcrafted and every piece passes through four to five technicians before it is sold.
Fira's main street hosts most of the jewellery shops on Santorini with gold creations of the highest quality and at prices to fit all budgets.

Classic and modern designs are offered in 14, 18 and 22 karats with prices varying according to the weight of the piece, the karats and the technique used. Precious and semiprecious stones are available on these gold creations all ready for your personal choice.

Jewelry offered on Santorini is creative in design, excellent in price and of the highest quality. Three good reasons to take back home this investment, which make perfect gifts.

Alexandros, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 25470, 22860 28064
Atlantis, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22241, e-mail:
Babalu, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23938
Erato, Fira, Tel.: 22860 24001, web site:
Gold Saloon, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 24822, e-mail:
Golden Santorini, Tel. +30 22860 22280, e-mail:
Golden Odyssey, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22701, e-mail:
Heliodor, Kamari, Tel. +30 22860 28730, e-mail:
Kyklos, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22080, web site:
Lalaounis, Ypapantis Fira, Tel. +30 26661 036258, e-mail:
Lidia Lithos, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22901
“Louis & Drosos”, Fira, Tel. & Fax +30 22860 22427
Mati Modern Jewellery, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23814, e-mail:,
web site:
Nick the Greek - Nikolaos Papadeas, e-mail:
Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23015
Pyrgos, Tel. +30 22860 33744
Fira, Main gold street, Tel. & Fax +30 22860 23907
Santorini Airport, Tel. +30 22860 34043
Triton, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 25269
Nikola’s, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 22283, e-mail:
Yiannis Nikolis, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23722, e-mail:
Zoi Art Gallery, Fira, Tel. +30 22860 23260, web site: